From Orange to Lime, guide from spring to fall


The spring is finally here and you managed to spring clean your wardrobe. You put aside the chunky cardigans, wool coats and heavy boots and are ready to go light and be fabulous.  Now, how are you going to stand out this season again? To help you achieve this magnificent goal, designers around the world have taken a modern slant on the traditional spring palette by pairing soft pastels with vivid, bright shades to create a colorful equilibrium.

If in doubt on how to bring some color in your life and blossom like a rose after such a long grey and wet winter, the best choice would surely be to go orange or lime. These are the hotest colors this spring/summer. And I am their biggest fan. But just don’t wear them together, to avoid looking like a exotic walking fruit salad. Sweet but sour. So NO!

Now let’s discuss them one by one. Orange, sweet orange.Perfect for blondies, not so perfect for red hairs. Soft orange, almost like freesia, yes good for almost everybody except the girls with fair pinky skin tone. They could definitely try a stronger, burnt sort of orange.

But going back to skirts, orange is definitely a great color to wear this season for everybody.


How should we match ORANGE? Alberta+Ferretti+Spring+2014+UumdU9C2OZUl

Good colors: White, Cream,very light coral, light gray, biscuit, mocha, dark brown, black.

Bad colors: Mustard, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Yellow, Purple.

Maybe: Pastels, Grey, Teal, Navy, Red.

Lime, the color that looks always exotic and courageous. Which makes a statement and speaks about yo
ur personality. Creative, joyful, optimistic maybe a bit crazy if you decided to try a neon lime.

Absolutely stunning on girls with fair skin and dark black hair. Surely sweet on blondes and light browns. Maybe not so good for carrot red ladies, but you’re lucky to have purple to complement you all the time.






How should we match Lime?

Good colors: White, Cream, Grey, Navy, Dark brown, Black.

Bad colors: Royal blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange,

Maybe: Pastel
s, Purple, Silver, Gold.






Now that we set the rules clear, let’s talk about designers that chose these two gorgeous colors as they inspiration for their current collection.

Armani has taken on a recurrent lime theme for 2014, and as Georgio Armani explained about this choice – “Lime green is a color that stands out. It’s a stimulating color…It also represents something avant-garde.”

armani-022414spHFMAnd everything from his jackets, trousers, dresses and pajama pants bore at least an accent of lime green, though there is also plenty of black and grey for balance.

“This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in a Pantone press release. The spring 2014 palette has a very gentle and smooth look, that can make your look delicate, yet very vivid.