What do you love most about your style?

Hi and welcome to my young and fabulous fashion hot-spot. Do you love being up to date with fashion trends, colors and modern styles?However, you also can’t stop admiring those classy outfits from Mad Men or Mr. Selfridge? Well… I am afraid you’ve got the bug. And don’t get frightened – is a good one this time.

You’re a classy lady and you’re up and running turning heads everywhere you go. Knowing what it’s a huge crash now on the catwalks or on the high street and trying to personalize it with a touch of classiness is the best thing you can do. Matching a neon blouse from Topshop with a pair of leather leggings in black and with black classic pointed toes high heels can make you the Queen of the shopping streets if… you wear them for a lovely dinner with friends in Soho. Put them on for a interview in the City for a job in Banking and they may disappoint you terribly.

There are so many things that a classy bee should take into consideration when she wants to dress to impress and the most important one is the occasion. That’s followed closely by wearing the right stuff for your body shape, and this includes the length, the fabric, the texture, the print and the colors you choose. It may sound fun and simple but staying classy and looking great in the same time it can be a challenge.


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